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rikkuxwakka's Journal

Festival Fireworks
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Welcome to rikkuxwakka!

This community was born out of the love for this pairing shared by cupcakemonster and heyheyrenay. The supporters of this pairing are small, but the love is big. Join us in our quest to take over the world Intarwebs and convert everyone to the love and/or friendship of Rikku/Wakka.

» rikkuxwakka » rules
1) Please use proper headers for all art and fiction posted to the community, including title, fandom (FFX or FFX-2?), characters/pairings (as gen fic is also accepted), and a rating (MPAA or fictionratings are fine).

2) Not this we ever forsee it being a problem, but no harassing Wakka/Lulu or Rikku/Gippal shippers--we should all be supportive of each other's talents, regardless of preferred pairings.

3) Remember all art and fiction besides the headers (see #1) go under a livejournal cut.

4) All questions and answers for the community can be found at the welcome/FAQ post.

» rikkuxwakka » projects and master list

The Rikku/Wakka story master list is updated every few weeks, collecting all the Rikku/Wakka pieces that are posted on this community and across the Internet.

We have declared June as Rikku/Wakka month. Feel free to join in! :D

» rikkuxwakka » affiliates
If you would like to affiliate your Final Fantasy pairing community with rikkuxwakka, please leave a comment on the welcome/FAQ post and one of the moderators will get back to you.

rikkuxwakka is listed at The Guide to Final Fantasy on LJ.